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Location: Wright Hall Phone: 2829 Fax: 1829
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Janel Anderson
Campus Call Center Manager
Office: Wright Hall 4105
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Sandra Araujo-Delgado
Associate Director of Annual G
Office: Wright Hall 4118
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Eric Baerg
Database Manager
Office: Wright Hall 4126
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Bradley Benson
Temporary Worker
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Kim Bobenhausen
Office: Wright Hall 4104
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John Boone
Alumni Assistant Director
Office: Wright Hall 4114
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Robert Bovell
Associate Director
Office: Wright Hall 4108
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Ellen Hostetler
Vice President for Advancement
Office: Wright Hall 4110
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Sandy James
Associate Director, Community
Office: Wright Hall 4115
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Adam James
Temporary Worker
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Jennifer Looby
Temporary Worker
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Susan Menzmer
Temporary Worker
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Jennifer Michener
Guest Lodging Coordinator and
Office: Wright Hall 4130
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Matthew Moreland
Associate Dir. of Major Gifts
Office: Wright Hall 4122
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Nathaniel Orquia
Temporary Worker
Office: Wright Hall 4130
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Lucas Patterson
Associate Director Strategic P
Office: Wright Hall 4124
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Candy Reichert
Donor Recognition & Records Co
Office: Wright Hall 4128
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Lori Thompson
Administrative Assistant
Office: Wright Hall 4102
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Cheryl Torres
Office: Wright Hall 4112
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Jessica Turner
Temporary Worker
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Maddie Wade
Temporary Worker
Office: Wright Hall 4130
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