Campus Directory

Campus Buildings

Brock Hall (BH) Business / Management, School of3rd Floor
Brock Hall (BH) English Department3rd Floor
Brock Hall (BH)History and Political Science3rd Floor
Brock Hall (BH) Journalism & Communication, School of1st Floor
Brock Hall (BH) SIFE3rd Floor
Brock Hall (BH) Visual Art & Design, School of2nd Floor
Campus Services (CS) Audio Visual 
Campus Services (CS) Campus Safety 
Plant Services (PS) Energy Management
Fleming Plaza (PLAZA) Office Equipment Services 
Daniells Hall (DH)Social Work, School of 
Hackman Hall (HH) Archaeological Museum1st Floor
Hackman Hall (HH) Religion, School of  
Hickman Science Center (HSC) Allied Health3rd Floor
Hickman Science Center (HSC) Biology Department2nd Floor
Hickman Science Center (HSC) Chan Shun Amphitheater A1st Floor
Hickman Science Center (HSC) Chan Shun Amphitheater B3rd Floor
Hickman Science Center (HSC) Chemistry Department3rd Floor
Hickman Science Center (HSC) Computing, School of1st Floor
Hickman Science Center (HSC) Hefferlin Amphitheater1st Floor
Hickman Science Center (HSC) Mathematics Department3rd Floor
Hickman Science Center (HSC)Physics and Engineering Department1st Floor
Ledford Hall (LEDF)Technology Department 
Ledford Hall (LEDF)Technology Sales & Service
Landscape Services (LS) Landscape Services  
Landscape Services (LS) Waste Management  
Lynn Wood Hall (LWH) Advancement2nd Floor
Lynn Wood Hall (LWH) Alumni Relations2nd Floor
Lynn Wood Hall (LWH) Call Center1st Floor
Lynn Wood Hall (LWH) Committee of 1002nd Floor
Lynn Wood Hall (LWH)Counseling Services3rd Floor
Lynn Wood Hall (LWH) Development Services2nd Floor
Lynn Wood Hall (LWH) Disability Support Services1st Floor
Lynn Wood Hall (LWH) Learning Success Services1st Floor
Lynn Wood Hall (LWH) Lynn Wood Chapel2nd Floor
Lynn Wood Hall (LWH)Strategic Planning2nd Floor
Lynn Wood Hall (LWH) Planned Giving2nd Floor
Miller Hall (MH) Modern Languages1st Floor
Miller Hall (MH) Pierson Chapel2nd Floor
Summerour Hall (SH)Education & Psychology, School of 
McKee Library (ML) Library 
McKee Library (ML) Lincoln Room3rd Floor
McKee Library (ML) Writing CenterLower Level
Motor Pool (MP) Transportation Services 
Mabel Wood Hall (MWH) Ackerman Auditorium2nd Floor
Mabel Wood Hall (MWH) Music, School of  
Iles Physical Education Center (PE) Gymnasium 
Iles Physical Education Center (PE) PE, Health & Wellness, School of 
Iles Physical Education Center (PE) University Pool 
Fleming Plaza (PLAZA) Campus Kitchen 
Fleming Plaza (PLAZA) Campus Shop 
Fleming Plaza (PLAZA) Purchasing 
Fleming Plaza (PLAZA) Quick Print 
Fleming Plaza (PLAZA) Village Market  
Plant Services (PS) Architectural Services 
Plant Services (PS) Plant Services 
Service (SERV)Academic Technology/Faculty Development 
Service (SERV) Online Campus 
Service (SERV) Service Department 
Talge Hall (TA) Men’s Residence  
Thatcher Hall (TH) Women’s Residence  
Thatcher South (TS) White Oak Room4th Floor
Thatcher South (TS) Wolftever Room1st Floor
Thatcher South (TS) Women’s Residence  
University Health Center (UHC) Health Services 
University Health Center (UHC) University Health Center 
Ulmer Student Center (USC) Chaplain’s Office  
Ulmer Student Center (USC) Clown Ministries  
Ulmer Student Center (USC) Destiny Drama 
Ulmer Student Center (USC) E O Grundset Room 
Ulmer Student Center (USC) KR’s Place 
Ulmer Student Center (USC) Robert Merchant Room 
Ulmer Student Center (USC) Student Associaton 
Ulmer Student Center (USC) Student Services 
Wright Hall (WH) Academic Administration2nd Floor
Wright Hall (WH) Accounting Services1st Floor
Wright Hall (WH) Enrollment Services1st Floor
Wright Hall (WH) Financial Administration2nd Floor
Wright Hall (WH) Food Service3rd Floor
Wright Hall (WH) Graduate Studies2nd Floor
Wright Hall (WH) Human Resources2nd Floor
Wright Hall (WH) Information Systems2nd Floor
Wright Hall (WH) Institutional Research & Planning2nd Floor
Wright Hall (WH) Marketing & University Relations2nd Floor
Wright Hall (WH) President’s Office2nd Floor
Wright Hall (WH) Records & Advisement1st Floor
Wright Hall (WH) Risk Management2nd Floor
Florida Hospital Hall (FHH)Nursing, School of 
Florida Hospital Hall (FHH)Nursing Lab 
Ledford Hall (LEDF)Construction Managment 
Lynn Wood Hall (LWH)Career Services3rd Floor
Lynn Wood Hall (LWH)Conference Services & Events2nd Floor
Herin Hall (MHH)Teaching Materials Center 
Iles Physical Education Center (PE)Hulsey Wellness Center 
Fleming Plaza (PLAZA)Marketing Research Institute (MRI) 
Fleming Plaza (PLAZA)Photo Studio, Jour/Comm, School of 
Talge Hall (TA)Housing (Undergrad) 
Wright Hall (WH)Housing (Married/Graduate)