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Did you forget or never add a recovery email or Phone Number to your account? If you created your account before July 10th, 2018 it is likely you do not have a recovery email or Phone Number associated with your account. We will send you a reset link to this email or a code to the phone number you provide to so you can reset your password more conveniently.
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If you continue to have trouble with your request:
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  • Call the I.T. Helpdesk at 423.236.2707
Southern Account Creation

Southern ID Number is a required field.

Your Southern ID Number is a 7 digit number including the leading zero.

Birth Date is a required field.

The email address and phone number you provide here could be used in the event of an emergency or as a means to verify your password or reset your account.




No recovery email address set for this account.

You cannot use a Southern email address as an recovery email.

Altername email must match the confirmation.

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