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Location: 4891 Taylor Cir (PO Box 569) Phone: 2994 Fax: 1994
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Susan Behnke
Office Manager
Office: Talge Hall 2132
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Cierra Dabney
Temporary Worker
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Brandon Dorn
Associate Dean of Men
Office: Talge Hall 2137
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Shannon Horton
Temporary Worker
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Dusty Miller
Maintenance Supervisor
Office: Talge Hall 2405
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Carl Patterson
Associate Dean of Men
Office: Talge Hall 2141
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Lisa Patterson
Administrative Dean
Office: Talge Hall 2132
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John Sager
Associate Dean of Men
Office: Talge Hall 2126
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Jenny Spicer
Housekeeping Supervisor
Office: Talge Hall 2119
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John Willis
Associate Dean of Men
Office: Thatcher South 2621
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