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Location: Wright Hall, 2nd floor Phone: 2688 Fax: 1688
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When calling from outside campus please dial 423.236 + Ext.
Martha Calderon
Temporary Worker
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Barb Edens
Office: Wright Hall 2022
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Shana Fairchild
Digital Engagement Manager
Office: Wright Hall 2123
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Janell Hullquist
Editorial Manager
Office: Wright Hall 2126
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Sandy James
Guest Services & Lodging Manag
Office: Housing - Tennessee Apts 6
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Isaac James
Director of Marketing & Univer
Office: Wright Hall 2135
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Breanna Lingerfelt
Temporary Worker
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Jennifer Michener
Temporary Worker
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Hal Moore
Temporary Worker
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Nathaniel Orquia
Guest Lodging Coordinator and
Office: Housing - Tennessee Apts 6
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Ryan Pierce
Graphic Design Manager
Office: Wright Hall 2124
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Ben Schnell
Website Development Manager
Office: Wright Hall 2131
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Ingrid Skantz
Vice President
Office: Wright Hall 2132
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Tina Smith
Project & Planning Manager
Office: Wright Hall 2134
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Linda Williams
Housekeeper Part Time
Office: Housing - Tennessee Apts 6
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Mary Young
Temporary Worker
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