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Location: Wright Hall, 1st floor Phone: 2835 Fax: 1835
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When calling from outside campus please dial 423.236 + Ext.
Jahnil Ancheta
Enrollment Counselor
Office: Wright Hall 1066
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Leticia Chaparro
Ministry Coordinator and Admis
Office: Wright Hall 1066
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Stahl Comete
Associate Director for Recruit
Office: Wright Hall 1066G
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Janice Cosme
Enrollment Counselor
Office: Wright Hall 1066
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Christalee Crary
Campus Experience Manager
Office: Wright Hall 1066F
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Kayla Diaz
Senior Admissions Counselor fo
Office: Wright Hall 1066K
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Janelle Dietrich
Systems and Application Manage
Office: Wright Hall 1110
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Christina Donesky
International Student Services
Office: Wright Hall 1066H
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Miguel Enrique Esparra Rios
Enrollment Counselor
Office: Wright Hall 1066
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Mary Farley
Office: Wright Hall
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Marcia Haluska
Wright Hall Receptionist
Office: Wright Hall 1040
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Ryan Harrell
Website and Analytics Manager
Office: Lynn Wood Hall 1005
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Ryan Herman
Director of Admissions
Office: Wright Hall 2108
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Laura Maxson
VP Administrative Assistant
Office: Wright Hall 1110
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Jason Merryman
Vice President
Office: Wright Hall 1110B
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Kate Oliver
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Sherri Schoonard
Office: Wright Hall 3221
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Leslie Ann Schwarzer
Scholarships Coord & Prospecti
Office: Wright Hall 1051
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Jessica Williams
Senior Admissions Counselor
Office: Wright Hall 1066D
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Christina Khabbaz
Associate Director
Office: Wright Hall 1110A
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